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MIGZ plan

Published 03.09.10 in Music

Dear friends, we remind you that our festival starts in a few hours at 6 p.m. There you will find indoor and outdoor stages, auditoriums, an art space, cinema halls, a market, several bars, i.e. a number of opportunities for communication and relaxation. Below you will find our MIGZ 2010 plan...

MIGZ Motion: Russian and international motion designers at MIGZ

Published 01.09.10 in Space

During two days og MIGZ its guests will be offered a vast program by Russian and international motion designers...

MIGZ non-stop! MIGZ Nights at Moscow clubs

Published 01.09.10 in Music

MIGZ Nights at Moscow night clubs - 3 & 4 September after 2 a.m...

2 Periodic - installation by Paralab

Published 01.09.10 in Space

Paralab are five former students of the Moscow Architectural Institute, or the 'explorers of the architectural paradigm' as they call themselves. All of them like experiments.Their main material is biflex - synthetic jersey with lycra. The Paralab guys believe that the buildings of the furute will be made of this cloth...

Eazzy meccano puzzle

Published 01.09.10 in Class

Eazzy is made of carton which can be transformed into a hexagonal module. Alexandr Matveyev calls these modules 'bricks' with the help of which you can buil whatever you want. The main advantage of Eazzy is the speed with wich you make it, it can take only a couple of hours. 'Eazzy is the game in which you play with space' – Matveyev concludes...

ONICA by Inspiration Lab

Published 01.09.10 in Class

Inspiration Lab has no home but from time to time it fills various spaces with its pictures and installions. Its first exhibition took place at Krysha Mira, the second at MIGZ 2009. The artist Mikhail Komissarov (he is Dop'Q as well) will present at MIGZ 2010 a few pictures painted on carton which will be lighted with ultraviolet...

Listen to MIGZ 2010!

Published 01.09.10 in Music

Every year we prepare MIGZ compilation on CD which includes the tracks of our participants and which you would not buy for all the money of the world later. This time we decided to announce its tracklist a few days before the event. Why not? So you can start listening to MIGZ 2010 right now!...

Op-Art project by Hooligan magazine at MIGZ 2010

Published 31.08.10 in Space

Op-art project Camera Obscura in Hooligan Mag’s area is going to bring its participants into the parallel dimension. From time immemorial it was noticed that the ray of light passing through the small hole in а dark room reproduces the external scene on the opposite surface. In this camera everything is other way round. The viewer can explore the unknown world of constantly oscillating surfaces and swirling forms that don’t reflect the reality but break it. With moving patterns and heightened colors, optical art turns the mind into the dead end, challenging the norms of human perception. The reality in Camera Obscura switches into the psychedelic mode which totally changes our assumptions about the way that the world functions.

New EP by Acid Mafia vs Pixelord

Published 30.08.10 in Music

One of the Russian participants of MIGZ 2010 – Pixelord or Alexey Devyanin known by his other projects Stud and Gultskra Artikler released a new EP together with Acid Mafia on Hyperboloid label. You can listen to their tracks and purchase them here. The album is also available on 50 audio cassettes...  

MIGZ for kids!

Published 30.08.10 in Music

Dear parents! On 3.4 September you can entrust your children to the professional animators of our MIGZ kidergarten! It will be open every day from 09:00 up to 00:00 in the space of the wonderful Blogistan cafe on the territory of the Red October (6 Bersenevsky pereulok, building 3). There will be special menu for kids as well. The price is 350 roubles per day... 

Video mapping at Red October

Published 30.08.10 in Space

There is a building. There is a projector. As it gets darker a ray comes out of the projector and the same moment a number of balls start falling from the roof of the building, lights emerge and disappear in the windows and in the end the building itself turns into the ruins. There are a few people in Moscow who work with video mapping on the surface of various architectural objects... 

Japanese visual design in the lecture from W0W studio

Published 30.08.10 in Class

Kazuhico Yamaguchi - a member of one of the most influential visual design studios in Japan - will give a lecture at MIGZ 2010. He will speak about the history of W0W studio, its key projects and will share his vision of the future in design...

MIGZ Market

Published 30.08.10 in Space

Again this year we invite you to our MIGZ Market where you will find a few stylish accessories, pleasant things and rare objects. Everything from CDs and vynils to clothing and funny toys...

Lectures by 'Popular Mechanics' special reporters

Published 30.08.10 in Class

They will speak about psychoacoustics and super objects of the Universe...

Guru Groove Foundation on Radio Megapolis FM

Published 27.08.10 in Music

Guru Groove Foundation whose live performance is expected at MIGZ festival on September 3rd gives an interview to Slava Finist on Radio Megapolis. Enjoy listening!... 

MIGZ 2010 on air powered by Yota

Published 27.08.10 in Music

Information for those who would like to attend MIGZ 2010 but due to some reasons will not be able to. MIGZ broadcast will be powered by Yota at! Yota is the first wireless network in Russia supplying quick Internet. With the help of the newest technologies Yota provides you with the highly speed Internet up to 10 Mb/sec at any time, in any place of the coverage and even in motion...

Tengible - project by W0W studio

Published 27.08.10 in Space

The theme of this installation is the conection between tengible and intengible. Combination of the shadow of substance and the shadow of an image. It creates the unseen presence...

35mm at MIGZ 2010

Published 27.08.10 in Motion

Cinema theater 35mm and CoolConnections are happy to present 4 films at MIGZ festival. All of them will be shown in a special hall on the second floor at Red October.

Lectures at MIGZ 2010

Published 26.08.10 in Class

On 3 and 4 September the guests of MIGZ festival 2010 will be able to attend a few lectures about contemporary design, music, cinema and science. You will dive into the world of non-commercial cinema with Matt Lambert (USA) and learn how to make a remix of a classical film with Rashid Nougmanov and Dmitry Mishenin. The secrets of music production will be delivered to you ...

Diskjokke: I am a Room 2 artist

Published 25.08.10 in Music

I still don't like the work of Todd Rundgren or Pink Floyd, which is somewhat like swearing in the church of prog, but I enjoy some of it and has inflicted a lot of its aesthetics in my latest work En Fin Tid . As for what is the true roots of my music, Staying In in my ears obviously states my classical background as a violinist with monophonic solo melodies in almost every tune...

Nachtdigital 2010: Ada

Published 24.08.10 in Music

Among the mass of electronic music festivals all over Europe, Nachtdigital stands out as a rare exception: Without featuring hundreds of artists on a dozen stages attracting tens of thousands of people, it still has become one of Germanys most beloved summer celebrations. Probably because at Nachtdigital, everything is on an extremely personal level: handmade decoration...

Keep On Dancing!

Published 24.08.10 in Music

Keep On Dancing to the video by the Russian project The Tapeaters whose live performance will take place at MIGZ festival soon!

Early bird tickets to MIGZ 2010!

Published 21.08.10 in Music

Tickets to MIGZ 2010 are already available for purchase at or by tel.: +7 (495) 644 2222! The event takes place during two days, so the price for each day comprises 500 roubles. See you at MIGZ 2010!...

Guru Groove Foundation soon at MIGZ 2010!

Published 20.08.10 in Music

The Moscow outstanding project Guru Groove Foundation is about to release their first album... but not before they perform at an outdoor stage at MIGZ festival on September 3rd! So far we can listen to their gig at another music event – Vdoh festival...

Ninja Tune XX

Published 20.08.10 in Music

Today is the opening day of the unique exhibition showcasing art, design and photography from Ninja Tune's last 20 years. The event takes place in London (Black Dog Space, 10a Acton St) till 16 September 2010. Bringing together ephemera from two decades of Ninja Tune for the first time, the exhibition features posters, original drawings, paintings and 3D models and artwork from Ninja... 

Kompakt Total 11 at MIGZ 2010

Published 19.08.10 in Music

This year MIGZ and Red Bull Music Academy Radio present the 11th edition of the famous Kompakt Total series in Moscow. The key artists from the label – Ada, Popnoname, Mugwump and vj Okinawa 69 – are coming to the Russian capital to support the event. September 3rd – the day when MIGZ starts coincides with the Russian release of Kompakt Total 11 at the Algorythmic label.

Miracle Libido for Radio Follow Me

Published 18.08.10 in Music

A few days before MIGZ festival Artyom Ryazanov aka Miracle Libido mixed his favourite stuff for Radio Follow Me. Enjoy!...  

Listen to Black Noise!

Published 17.08.10 in Music

Red Bull Music Academy Radio presents Pantha Du Prince (GER) at MIGZ 2010! This February the label Rough Trade Records released the third album of the producer. The fact that made a number of his fans talk about the charismatic German again...

Ninca Leece at MIGZ 2010

Published 16.08.10 in Music

Ninca Leece is another participant of MIGZ 2010, a French girl who was born in Rennes, got her musical training in Rotterdam (Holland) and now is based in Berlin. Watch her last video produced by Marco Morandi and listen to the live set recorded with Bruno Pronsato as Public Lover at Panorama Bar...

Hello Gorgeous

Published 15.08.10 in Music

Meet another MIGZ 2010 headliner – Red Bull Music Academy Radio presents Popnoname (DE). This video was made for the release titled Hello Gorgeous on Kompakt Pop April 19, 2010. Okinawa 69 who took part in the production of this clip is also among MIGZ guests this September...

SCSI-9 in Ushuaia

Published 05.08.10 in Music

This July one of the most prominent Russian techno duos – SCSI-9 released their new EP on the young Italian label Apparel Music. The main track as well as the whole album have a mysterious title – Ushuaia... which is in fact the name of the southest city of te world.

Diskjokke beach mix

Published 04.08.10 in Music

For those dreaming about a beach

Glitterbug – Calcutta

Published 04.08.10 in Music

New video by the Cologne producer from his second longplay 'Privilege' released on May 17th, 2010

MIGZ 2010: 2 days, September, new venue!

Published 27.07.10 in Space

This year Moscow people and their guests have a good reason for spending their weekend in the capital. For the first time the celebrations of Moscow on September 3-4 coincide with MIGZ – the festival for contemporary music and media art!

Motion graphic designers, where are you?

Published 27.07.10 in Motion

MIGZ is looking for Russian motion graphic designers. Feel free to send us the links to your videos and concepts ([email protected]). The best of them will be demonstrated at MIGZ festival in September. We are searching for motion graphic designers, processing/vvvv artists and interactive audiovisual installation projects.


MIGZ 2009

Опубликовано 29.07.10 в Video, Music

MIGZ Festival 2009 from MIGZ Festival /Russia/ on Vimeo.

MIGZ 2009

Опубликовано 28.07.10 в Video, Music

Migz Anounce from SvamiRom Aniviki on Vimeo.

MIGZ 2009: Dza&Ol

Опубликовано 28.07.10 в Video, Music

[email protected] from mlick on Vimeo.

MIGZ 2008: Masha Era

Опубликовано 28.07.10 в Video, Music

Masha_Era_Lap_top_migz_festival from ilia on Vimeo.

MIGZ 2009: Paralleloid

Опубликовано 28.07.10 в Video, Space

Paralleloid from Nikita Tsymbal on Vimeo.


MIGZ 2008: Mujuice

Опубликовано 28.07.10 в Video, Music

MIGZ 2008

Опубликовано 27.07.10 в Video, Music

Migz 2008 from truepic on Vimeo.


MIGZ 2009

Опубликовано 27.07.10 в Video, Music

MIGZ 09 from студия STEREOTACTIC on Vimeo.