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vvvv gamma workshop and meetup in Moscow

Published 08.11.19 in

привет Moscow!

We're happy to announce a series of vvvv happenings in Moscow on November 8 and 9 in collaboration with vvvv and MIGZ.

Joreg and  Elias will be in Moscow and here is what they have planned:

November 8th

Free Introductory vvvv gamma workshop
vvvv gamma is the all-new version of vvvv. Whether you've been using vvvv beta so far and see its limitations, you want to take first steps in VL (applicable to beta and gamma) or you've always wanted to try vvvv for the first time: This workshop is for you!

In this 2h course we'll give you a taste of what it is like to work with
vvvv gamma. We'll guide you step-by-step through creating your first
little programs and show you how to export them as standalone executables.



Are you a vvvv professional or only curious about what people do with vvvv? Join us for the very first vvvv meetup in moscow with presentations and drinks. Come to meet fellow patchers and exchange about all things vvvv. Have a problem you want to show and discuss or want to share what you're working on? Please do so. Evvvveryone is welcome!

November 9th
Full day vvvv gamma workshop
In this full day (2x3h) workshop we're preparing you for the future with vvvv gamma. But note that everything you'll learn here, you'll also be able to apply to vl in vvvv beta!

Garage Screen: Punto y Raya Festival

Published 31.07.19 in

Punto y Raya Festivalthe benchmark event for Abstract Film & Animation, arrives for the first time in Russia with the Best of PyR 2018 programme. The screening and presentation will be held on July 31 2019 at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, located at the heart of Moscow.

The selection features the 18 finalist and awarded films in their latest edition in Poland, encompassing a remarkable variety of approaches and techniques, from hand-drawn animation with pen & paper to top-notch generative art; from traditional stop-motion or video-feedback, to silent 16mm film developed in matcha tea.

Circle of Light Festival Educational Programme 2017

Published 06.09.17 in Class


We glad to invite you to the education program of Circle of Light festival 2017.

23-24 September 2017, Digital October Center

The strategic goal of the Programme is to identify the latest trends and achievements in multimedia technologies and lighting design in Russia. The Programme of the Festival aims to develop and expand the opportunities open to all of its stakeholders, to integrate them into the global context, and to create a communication platform for professionals from across the world, as well as to serve as a networking hub.

The Programme is focused on showcasing the latest accomplishments by Russian scene actors, and global trends in multimedia technologies and lighting design.

The objective of the Programme is to create a learning and experimental space for budding professionals, students and seasoned creatives. The Programme consists of workshops, panel discussions and public presentations.

Earth Lab - Artists as Catalysts

Published 20.06.16 in Space

earth lab


The EARTH LAB exhibition is a whole planet, a space where artists act as catalysts for innovation ideas in the modern society. This is a major co-curated multimedia project by Ars Electronica Center and the Polytechnic Museum, rethinks life on our planet, its resources, new opportunities that are being brought by scientific progress and the phenomenon of digital culture.

Polytech.Science.Art Week 2015

Published 18.11.15 in

Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” - Education

Published 01.10.13 in Class

We are pleased to announce the Educational Programme of the Moscow International Festival "Circle of Lights" taking place 5th and 6th October in the Digital October Centre at the Red October district.

The aim of the programme is to expose the latest wave of accomplishments and trends noticeable on the multimedia/technology/light design scene. By bringing together artists, creative professionals, light designers, online content creators, journalists, innovators and trendsetters from both abroad and the region, the programme attempts to create the platform for networking, information and mutual support that would represent the beginning of a long-standing international cooperation with far-reaching consequences both for the internal development of the media/technology industry and for the image that the region is known for around the world.

ONE STORY от Stain и Vtol

Published 15.05.13 in Space


Published 13.04.12 in Space


Creative lab theme of the year: horizon.

Close and distant future. Patterns and dreams. Ideas and technologies.
Creativity is a free motion to the unforeseen.

Welcome to participate!

Программа от Аудиовизуальной Академии на MIGZ

Published 08.09.11 in Class

Аудиовизуальная Академия (— уникальный проект, предлагающий образовательную онлайн-программу, посвященную аудиовизуальному искусству и новым медиа.

Видеолекции от таких культовых мастеров и коллективов, как ColdCut, United Visual Artists, onedotzero, D-fuse будут интересны всем, кто увлекается аудио и видео и хочет зарабатывать своим хобби. Модули Академии охватывают все аспекты работы с контентом: от азов и тонкостей работы с железом и софтом до способов своего продвижения. Студентом Академии можно стать абсолютно бесплатно – достаточно просто зарегистрироваться на сайте. 

Оффлайн-программы Академии в России и за рубежом включают в себя презентации, лекции и семинары, посвященные новым технологиям и цифровому искусству. Их проводят ведущие кураторы, медиа-художники, разработчики программного обеспечения и оборудования и технические профессионалы.


На фестивале MIGZ, 17 и 18 сентября, Аудиовизуальная Академия представляет свою программу в рамках MIGZ CLASS.




MIGZ Motion & MIGZ Space

Published 18.08.11 in Motion

Фестиваль MIGZ приглашает к участию в фестивале российских моушен дизайнеров и высокотехнологичных экспериментаторов! Вы работаете с vvvv, processing, max msp – будем рады знакомству! 

MIGZ Open for you Band

Published 29.07.11 in Music

We're waiting live electronic artists and bands demos to consider for next 4th edition of Migz festival in Moscow at September 2011. 

MIGZ Market

Published 12.07.11 in

17 июля, в ЦПКиО им. Горького, на протяжении всего дня, будет работать «MIGZ Market - Виниловый пикник», целиком и полностью посвященный виниловым пластинкам и музыке. Это первое мероприятие такого рода, но все указывает на то, что это мероприятие станет хорошей традицией.


Short motion for MIGZ 2011

Опубликовано 01.11.11 в , Motion


My short motion for MIGZ fest


MIGZ 2010 Videomapping project

Опубликовано 22.09.10 в Video, Space