Earth Lab - Artists as Catalysts

Published 20.06.16 by norma in Space

The EARTH LAB exhibition is a whole planet, a space where artists act as catalysts for innovation ideas in the modern society. This is a major co-curated multimedia project by Ars Electronica Center and the Polytechnic Museum, rethinks life on our planet, its resources, new opportunities that are being brought by scientific progress and the phenomenon of digital culture.

The basic concept of the exhibition was successfully implemented within project Artists as Catalysts (2013) in Bilbao. The Moscow edition of the exhibition presents new artworks of the Ars Electronica international award winners of 2013-2015, that provide a fresh perspective on the idea of interaction between creativity, scientific thinking, and technology. The exhibition is complemented with an intensive parallel programme packed with lectures, workshops, meet-the-artist sessions, performances, concerts, and video screenings.


Curators of the EARTH LAB:
Manuela Naveau, Natalia Fuchs 
Russian commission co-curator: Alexey Shcherbina (MIGZ)
Frame program co-curators:
Natalia Fuchs, Alexey Shcherbina (MIGZ)

Technical direction: Klaus Dieterstorfer 
Technical support: SilaSveta studio, Gustavo Valera

Infographics: Stefan Eibelwimmer, Nicolas Naveau 
Design: Olga Larina 

Project manager: Anna Firainer 
Coordination: Fedor Vladimirov

dates: 22 of June till 25 of september 2016

venue: Bersenevskiy lane 2 bild. 1 (Red October factory disctrict)

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Ars Electronica special site